Savjetodavna i Koordinaciona Grupa na Nacionalnom Nivou u Republici Kosovo za prava LGBT (lezbejke, gej , biseksualne i Transđender )

Savjetodavna i Koordinaciona Grupa  na Nacionalnom Nivou u Republici Kosovo za prava LGBT (lezbejke, gej , biseksualne i Transđender)

O Projektu

Projekat cilja tretiranje homofobije i transfobije kao jedno lice diskriminacije, koja oslabljuje osnovne vrednosti svakog društva: ravnopravnost i zaštitu ljudskog dostojanstva i ljudskih prava. Na putu ka jednom inkluzivnom društvu, važno je da se zakonodavstvo protiv diskriminacije amandamentuje, da se politike sprovedu i da se podigne svest relevantnih aktera koji imaju moć da promene društvo i da gaju jednu socialnu koheziju. Sve aktivnosti nastoje da ojačaju profesionalni stav relevantih aktera i vlasti u priznavanju da su ljudi “normalno drugačiji“.

  • Our Mission
  • Development
  • Trainings

Our mission is to tackle homophobia through working with Kosovo institution towards recognizing that LGBT people do exist in Kosovo, and that a professional attitude towards the members of this community is required to them by law, as well as by their professional code of conduct.  

The project began in April 2014, and the activities aiming to achieve the overall objectives are in progress. A good working relationship between the project partners, the main civil society institutions (including the LGBT community) and other governmental stakeholders has been established.

The anti-discrimination legislation has been revised  and an Action Plan for the Implementation of the Law against Discrimination (2014-2016) has been created by the main partner Office of Good Governance. Law Against Discrimination, Law on Gender Equality, and Law on the Ombudsperson were harmonized; the proposed bills establish the Ombudsman Institution as the central equality body. This bill is soon expected to be passed in the Parliament in 2015.

As part of its second component – Awareness Raising and Training, the EU Twinning Project ‘Against Homophobia and Transphobia’ is conducting a extensive Training of Trainers program which is designed to raise awareness on anti-discrimination and and enhance the professional skills on how to deal with a diverse society in an inclusive, relaxing and highly professional manner. The training gathered 17 participants in total coming from 4 sectors: judiciary, police, administration and education.

The trainers lead the participants through the multiple facets and shapes of discrimination and illustrate how people may easily fall prey and inadvertently become a part of a system that breeds discrimination on the ground of a real or a perceived attribute. The role of diversity, societal norms and identity fragments in precipitating discrimination is thoroughly elaborated. Special methodology and curricula is tailored for each professional sector.